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The Best Dry Bag for Your Next Adventure

Posted by Alex Clasper

Find a Dry Bag for Your Adventure

What fits in our Roll Top Dry Bags

We’ve recently introduced our trio of Roll Top Dry Bags to the Red Original line up. These three siblings are a reliable addition to the range but just like any family each has it’s own quirks, uses and skills. In this blog we’re going to give you the low down on what you can fit in your bag, along with some of the little touches we've added to make this the dry bag to rival all dry bags.


The 10ltr – The perfect snack and stuff bag

Meet the 10 ltr, he’s the smallest of the gang but not to be under estimated. He’s small, lightweight and tough. He likes to take care of your lunch, snacks and day to day items. He’s also designed to be slung over your shoulder in between paddle boarding sessions. And used as a carry bag for around town. Ideal for those paddling to the pub days or an ice cream at the cafe. If you’re an existing owner of a Pro Change Robe or Performance top, this little number is the perfect stuff sack for them.  

Like the rest of the family he’s got a few genetic similarities, the internal pocket is ideal for your car keys or mobile phone. The D-ring on the bottom of all of the roll top bags is perfect as an alternative attachment point or to hang up for fast drying.

The 30ltr – The Day Tripper

It’s always tough being stuck in the middle, you don’t get the affection from being small and petit nor do you get the gladiatorial size of being the big one in the family. The 30 ltr sits in the middle of the range. He’s happy to go anywhere, he can handle bigger days out than his little bro and likes to spend his time on the front of your paddle board snugly lashed between the cargo points.

He’s a handy middle brother to the trio as a perfect go anywhere bag suitably sized for any water sport or general day at the beach. The added size is perfect for packing that extra jacket or as an additional storage to your deck bag. Off the water the 30ltr can be used as an optional bag for storing wet clothes on those days when you just get caught out. This handy beach sized bag is the perfect beach bag for carrying extra gear such as a Micro Fibre Towel or Luxury Towelling Change Robe. The removable carry strap allows the bag to sit comfortably leaving your hands free so you can carry your other outdoor essentials.

The 60ltr – The ultimate gear bag 

The biggest of the bunch, the 60ltr’s capacious size lets you load up with those bulky items for a day at the beach no problem. Fill him up and sling over your shoulder this makes the long trudge to your picnic spot or gap in the sand a lot easier. For more specialist sports the 60ltr is a great kit bag for wet, sandy items. Throw in the wetsuit, PFD (personal floatation device), and sandy clothes to reduce that wet dog smell on the car ride home.

On the paddle board the 60ltr is perfect for keeping those bigger items such as sleeping bags, tents and down jackets dry. Whilst leaving plenty of space to roll down correctly and seal the bag. As a handy addition the Titan pump and paddle board bag fit perfectly for storing when out on the water. Unlike his siblings the 60 ltr has the added side compression straps to ensure a water tight seal.

Select the best dry bag for your bag for your adventure

The beauty with all of the Roll Top Dry Bag range is the multiuse function. The tough waterproof fabric and simple use function means you can spend more time in, on and around the water knowing your items are dry and safe. To find a Dry Bag fit for your next adventure check our full range here!