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John Woods: Aussie River Paddling
by Luke Green

John Woods: Aussie River Paddling

John Woods, an ambassador in Australia, Melbourne, calls himself an adventure paddler as he paddles everywhere from lakes, to rivers, to the ocean and the bays. His sense of adventure allows him to end up in some beautiful places, while...

Three women going cold water swimming
by Alex Clasper

How To Swim In Cold Water Without A Wetsuit

Acclimatising to cold water swimming without a wetsuit can be challenging. Find out how to swim in cold water without a wetsuit to ensure you stay safe.

Two people on the beach wearing Red Original personal floatation devices
by Luke Green

When To Use A Quick Release SUP Belt & Airbelt PFD

Depending on the conditions you're SUPing in, you may need to wear a quick release SUP belt or airbelt PFD. Find out when these are essential safety items.

Women swimming putting on Red Original waterproof changing robe
by Alex Clasper

7 Health Benefits Of Swimming In Cold Ocean Water

Thinking of trying cold water swimming? These are just a few of the health benefits of swimming in cold ocean water that you don't want to miss out on.

Woman carrying Red Original waterproof cool bag
by Luke Green

Which Red Original Cool Bag Do I Need For Summer 2022?

A Red Original cool bag is a summer essential. Make sure to choose the best style for your requirements, based on your summer plans this year.  

250 Years of Lifesaving and Water Safety
by Luke Green

250 Years of Lifesaving and Water Safety

Being an island here in the UK, we are surrounded by coastline and as such have a huge amount of history and heritage in water safety and lifesaving. In fact, this can be tracked right back to the early...

Man and woman cycling next to lake
by Alex Clasper

8 Essential Road Cycling Tips For Beginners Around The UK

Looking to try out road cycling for the first time? Take to the roads safely and perfect your skills with our top 8 road cycling tips for beginners. 

Man and woman hiking in forest wearing Red Original active jackets
by Luke Green

The Best Summer Hiking Gear For 2022 - Your Essential Checklist

Make your next hike the best one yet whilst enjoying the warmer weather with the best summer hiking gear for 2022, from clothing to camping gear.

Woman carrying Red Original SUP on beach
by Alex Clasper

4 Steps To Ensuring You Choose The Right Board For You

Choosing the right stand up paddle board is a very personal thing. Make sure you find the best SUP for your requirements using these 4 key steps.