Men's Pro Change Robe - Long Sleeve.

Prioritising practicality and comfort, our men's long sleeve changing robe features a moisture wicking fleece lining, chunky YKK zipper and toggled hood to help you get dry quicker, change easier & stay toasty.

Change with ease and stay warm, dry and cosy whatever the weather with Red Original's men's long sleeve outdoor changing robes. Designed with the watersports and outdoor adventurers in mind, our long sleeve changing robes are made using a host of high perfomance features and waterproof fabrics that prioritise practicality and comfort.
A mositure wicking fleece lining offers warmth and comfort whilst a YKK zip and toggle hood with wind baffle provides enhanced protection from the elements. The long sleeves on these waterproof changing robes are ideal for providing extra warmth once you get out of the water, and the lightweight nature of our outdoor changing robes makes them easy to transport.