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man wearing Red Original Waterproof Backpack whilst walking through a woodland area
by Luke Green

How To Pack A Hiking Backpack For Comfort & Ease

Protect your back and make life a whole lot easier for yourself with our top tips on how to pack a hiking backpack for comfort, ease & efficiency.

woman stretching on beach at sun rise
by Alex Clasper

How To Warm Up Before Paddle Boarding To Prevent Injury

As with any kind of exercise, it's important to get your muscles moving before paddle boarding. Make sure to try these simple but effective warmups.

Paddle Boarder In Bahrain With His Paddle Help Over His Head
by Luke Green

Paddle Boarding Technique Guide: 7 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Avoid rookie mistakes and become a pro paddle boarder with Red Paddle Co. These are the 7 most common mistakes to avoid, as well as some top tips for success.

Woman carrying compact inflatable paddle board down the beach toward the water
by Robyn Dawson

Meet The Paddlers - Urban Paddle Boarding In Chicago With Kirsten Lefeldt

In our latest 'Meet The Paddler' spotlight, we talk with Chicago-based paddle boarding enthusiast, Kirsten Lefeldt. Falling in love with the sport at just 8 years old, Kirsten is an avid SUP racer and urban paddler.

group paddleboarding in Liverpool Port
by Luke Green

Places To SUP Near Me - Where To Go Paddleboarding In Liverpool

Not sure where to go paddleboarding in Liverpool? There are plenty of exciting SUP places to explore. Discover them today with Red Equipment.

woman paddling on a Red inflatable paddle boarding wearing a purple waistbelt pfd
by Alex Clasper

How To Get Back On A Paddleboard After Falling Off

Even the most experienced SUPers will take a tumble from time to time! Learn how to get back on a paddleboard quickly & easily without wasting your energy. 

picturesque lake at sunset with Red inflatable paddle board on the shoreline
by Luke Green

Top 5 Water Sports Activities For Boosting Mental Wellbeing

We know that watersports activities are good for physical fitness, but did you know they're also beneficial for your mental health? Find out more.

101 Surf Sports - Meet the Organiser
by Jess Davies

101 Surf Sports - Meet the Organiser

We chatted with the organiser of the Sup 101 race in San Francisco, David Wells, to find out how these races are suitable for everyone and why paddle boarding is such a great sport.

Woman Paddle Boarding In San Francisco with Sail Yachts In The Background
by Luke Green

Red Paddle Co FAQ: Which Type Of SUP Leash Is Right For Me?

A SUP Leash is an absolutely essential piece of safety equipment for paddle boarders. Find out which type of SUP leash is best for you in this short guide.