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The Benefits Of Moisture Wicking Clothing On Land & At Sea

Posted by Luke Green

Whether you go running once a week, hit the gym every day, or just enjoying being active outdoors, moisture-wicking clothes are known to make doing so more comfortable. As a matter of fact, the benefits of moisture-wicking clothes goes far beyond mere comfort as they provide a surprising number of health benefits too!

Don’t believe us? That’s fine. We’ve put together a list of just a few ways moisture-wicking clothes help so that you can see the benefits for yourself. Before we start, however, let’s quickly cover what these clothes actually are.

Moisture-wicking clothes are made from a synthetic fabric that absorbs and draws moisture away rather than trapping it against the skin. This may not sound particularly remarkable, but drawing unwanted moisture - like sweat, rain, bottled water that missed your mouth, etc. - can improve your experience and performance in a number of ways. Ways that we are about to take a closer look at.

What Does Moisture Wicking Fabric Do To Help?

There is a lot of choice out there but when you decide to make fitness and being active a part of your daily life, the clothes you wear can make a significant difference. Thanks to the practical benefits of moisture-wicking fabric, some of which are listed below, you’re sure to see and feel a noticeable difference as soon as you start to wear clothes made from it.

Performs In All Kinds Of Weather

When it’s hot out, moisture-wicking fabric draws moisture away to help it evaporate instead of clinging to you and contributing to your discomfort. When it’s cold, on the other hand, wearing materials that allow moisture to remain close to your skin can cause potentially greater issues. You see, being wet in low temperatures can increase your risk for hypothermia and other cold-related illnesses that could put you out of commission for weeks. While wearing light colours may help keep you cool in summer, utilising wicking undergarments with windproof outer garments that promote ventilation is a more effective way of regulating your body temperature and keeping it dry.

Has A Variety Of Applications

Activewear that utilises wicking materials is actually also commonly used as sleepwear. People who frequently experience night sweats or who may be experiencing hot flashes or cold sweats have found dual purpose in comfortable moisture-wicking clothes.

Provides Much-Needed Breathability

Most natural materials like cotton tend to hold on to moisture, whereas the moisture-wicking fabrics draw it away. Wearing a cotton T-shirt while being active means that your clothing will retain moisture, cling to your body, and may chafe or rub. For the same reason that choosing the right running shoes will help you feel confident and comfortable, choosing activewear that allows ventilation and airflow will help keep you comfortable through any workout, watersport, or outdoor pursuit.

Improves Hygiene

Bacteria loves environments that are warm and moist, making activewear the ideal place for it. Moisture-wicking clothes, on the other hand, has the opportunity to dry out and that means the nice warm home bacteria love so much simply doesn’t exist. As a result, the smells that typically accompany activewear and workout clothing is a moot point as less bacteria typically equates to fewer unpleasant smells.

Is Easy To Clean

Due to its synthetic nature, moisture-wicking fabric is durable, washable, and adaptable. It can be dried, it doesn’t stain easily, it won’t shrink, and because it’s so durable, snags, tears and other normal garment malfunctions are not common.

Increases Comfort

Exercising & being active can take some serious motivation, and being uncomfortable in your attire is a huge distraction. The flexibility and range of motion you’ll enjoy wearing moisture-wicking clothes will keep the clingy, chafing downside of your activewear from turning a runner's high into dissuasion. What’s more, because the material is adaptive and light, you’ll be able to focus better on whatever it is you’re doing.

Moisture-Wicking Clothes From Red Original

Originally designed as a protective underlayer, the Red Original Performance T-shirt is a fantastic example of what moisture-wicking clothes have to offer. Available in men’s and women’s sizes, these short-sleeved t-shirts are made using Dri-Release™ technology and are perfect for wearing while out on a run or kayaking at sea. In addition to the short-sleeved Performance T-shirt, we also offer the long-sleeved Performance Top Layer. Super-soft yet incredibly tough, these tops can be comfortably worn with or without the short-sleeved underlayer and are also available in both men’s and women’s sizes.