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Why You Need A Waterproof Backpack For Hiking

Posted by Luke Green

Whether you’re on a short trek or an epic multi-day hiking trip, having the right equipment on hand is always vital. This is especially true in more temperamental seasons where the weather can turn at the drop of a hat and the benefits of being equipped with a high-quality waterproof backpack are immense. In this blog, we’ll explore the primary benefits of having a waterproof backpack in your arsenal of hiking equipment.

Protection From The Weather 

Any experienced hiker will be well aware that getting caught in the rain is not only inevitable, it’s also a really bad problem if you aren’t prepared for it. Whether you’re heading out in the summer or winter months, your kit list will be pretty extensive and is bound to include items that are both valuable and crucial for your safety. Improper storage of these items can mean you’re risking severe damage to your belongings, as well as making your clothes and food susceptible for a soaking. A waterproof backpack for hiking will keep these crucial bits of kit dry and protected in all weathers so you can keep plodding on, even when the conditions are less favourable.

Durable Storage Solution

Whether you’re exploring out in the open or taking on a more confined or wooded route, the natural landscape inevitably brings its fair share of challenges and therefore poses the risk of wear and tear to your bag and belongings. Because a waterproof backpack for hiking will be manufactured utilising tough and waterproof materials, it will also be naturally long-lasting and resistant to other forms of damage and abrasion. For example, our Adventure Waterproof Backpack is constructed from our highly durable Armour Tech fabric which makes it totally reliable for long-term use when tackling the challenges of a great hike.

Better Organisation

Keeping yourself organised during a hike is important, particularly if you are planning to be out in the great outdoors for an extended period of time. You’ll need to know where your items are at all times and be able to separate your kit as you see fit. This is where a waterproof backpack for hiking comes into its own. With multiple compartments designed to keep your belongings protected and dry, you can stay completely organised on the go. Internal and external stash pockets will ensure that you can separate wet and dirty kit from valuable or dry items, ensuring that you are ready for the next stage of your hike at all times. 

A Versatile Bit Of Kit

The beauty of a waterproof backpack is that it can tackle all aspects of your sense of adventure. Because Red’s waterproof backpack offers a practical 30L interior plus stretch-mesh external pockets, it’s totally versatile. This generous storage space and range of pockets mean that you can easily carry all of your day-to-day hiking gear as well as any overnight camping essentials. Then, even on weekdays when your adventures become slightly more mundane, this spacious capacity still gives you total practicality between home and work. 

Designed With Comfort In Mind

High-quality waterproof backpacks are often designed with user comfort in mind - a feature that is crucial when you are hiking all day long and need your load to be comfortable to carry at all times. Take our Adventure Waterproof Backpack for instance. To make sure that we’ve developed the best waterproof backpack for hiking, we’ve packed in features designed to enhance your comfort. The adjustable chest strap allows you to spread out the weight of the backpack’s contents, while the airflow back panel increases ventilation. The straps incorporate foam padding and provide great contouring while also remaining strong throughout the duration of your adventure.

If you’re on the lookout for the best waterproof backpack for hiking, then check out our collection of waterproof bags. The Red team is always on standby to deliver professional advice about any of our products, so feel free to get in contact if you have any queries.