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by Luke Green
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2021 Gear Guide - Outdoor Adventure Kit For Under £100

The Red Original Team has put together a 2021 outdoor adventure kit list of ‘must have’ items under £100. From backpacks to insoles, these essentials will make your experiences in nature easier and more comfortable.

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by Ross Montandon
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2021's Top 5 Hiking Apps For Outdoor Adventurers

We all like a gadget even in the outdoors. So whether you're stomping out the miles or out for a stroll, we've got some neat apps to help you stay safe, stargaze or plan your next adventure by foot!

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by Ross Montandon
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5 Outdoor Activities You Can Do With A Friend

We all like a little bit of company from time to time, which is why we've put together a list of 5 of our favourite outdoor activities that you can enjoy 1-on-1 with a friend.

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by Luke Green
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What Is Rucking & What Are The Health Benefits?

Perfect for those hoping to get fitter as well as individuals looking for greater challenge, rucking is a versatile outdoor activity that pretty much anyone can do regardless of their fitness level. All you need is good footwear, a rucksack,...

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by Luke Green
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5 Lockdown-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas For Nature-Lovers

Not sure what to do for Valentine's day in Lockdown? We've come up with 5 suggestions that will get you outdoors together (without breaking the rules).

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by Luke Green
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5 Outdoor Accessories That Also Save Energy

Red Original offers a wide range of outdoor accessories and watersport equipment, some of which can also be used as energy-saving products indoors. Here are 5 examples of how our equipment and clothing can be used to help save money...

4 Fun Ways To Get Outdoors & Exercise With Your Dog
by Luke Green
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4 Fun Ways To Get Outdoors & Exercise With Your Dog

There are few things more enjoyable than getting outdoors and enjoying time with your dog. There are tonnes of things you can get up to together that will help you stay busy and keep fit, but these 4 are amongst...

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by Ross Montandon

The Ultimate Winter Hiking Kit List

If you hate being cooped up indoors over winter and love a challenge, Winter Hiking may be just the outdoor activity you're looking for. Check out our comprehensive kit list to ensure your outings are as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Beat The Winter Blues With Outdoor Activities & Watersports
by Luke Green
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Beat The Winter Blues With Outdoor Activities & Watersports

With Christmas gone and nothing to look forward to but cold weather and rain for the next few months, it's easy to let the Winter Blues set in. Beat it back with these 6 Outdoor Activities & Watersports.