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Red’s Top 6 Places for Winter Paddle Boarding in the UK

Posted by Lydia Burdett

A winter SUP trip makes for a totally different experience than one in the summer. In fact, many SUP veterans will agree that it makes for a far more tranquil experience. 

If you’re keen to find out what the winter paddle boarding hype is about then there are a couple of things to bear in mind. As well as making sure you follow appropriate safety protocol and wrap up warm, it is also wise to consider where you plan to go for your adventure and make sure that you are visiting somewhere suitable for paddleboarding in cold weather. In the UK, there are places to paddle board everywhere you go, from stunning lakes and rivers to vibrant city spots. Fortunately, many of these are also geared up for a bit of a SUP in the crisp winter air and come with the added benefit of peace and quiet away from the summer crowds. 

Whether you’re a winter paddle boarding pro or just starting out, you’re certain to find some incredible ideas for SUP trips in the UK on this list. So get your paddle boarding gear together, and let's go through the top 6 best places to paddle board this winter!


The stretching beaches and craggy cliffs at Wales’ Gower Peninsula make for a picturesque venue for a spot of winter paddle boarding. Gower’s rugged beauty stretches for over twenty miles, ideally suited for a peaceful SUP session on the sea. The open water experience combined with the incredible views and discovery opportunities available at Gower Peninsula make this a top SUP spot all-year round. But if you want to have the place practically to yourself for a tranquil paddle boarding getaway, then winter may be the perfect season for you.


The still, glassy waters of the largest lake in England are a sight to marvel at in winter, and makes for an incredible winter paddle boarding destination. Windermere is normally a location that receives huge crowds during the summer - and for good reason - but during the winter one can really immerse themselves in the natural beauty and tranquillity of this space. For those of you ready to brave the seasonal chill, Windermere is one of the most rewarding places to paddle board this winter.

Isle of Skye

Adventure awaits at the Isle of Skye for any winter paddle boarding enthusiasts who want to experience the best that Scotland has to offer. With sea eagles circling above and waves crashing into the craggy face of the Storr, the Isle of Skye is a place of untamed nature, perfectly suited for paddlers looking for a serious adventure. If you’re looking to really immerse yourself in Scotland’s natural beauty from the water, the Isle of Skye is probably one of the top places to paddle board for you.

Wast Water

In keeping with the goal of enjoying a peaceful winter paddle boarding trip, we picked out Wast Water for how quiet and secluded it is. Located in Wasdale Valley in the Lake District, Wast Water is surrounded by natural beauty and stunning mountain views of Kirk Fell, Red Pike, Great Gable and Scafell Peak. Get yourself kitted out in your winter gear and then head over to Wast Water to immerse yourself in one of the most naturally beautiful SUP spots that England has to offer. Do be aware that the water will most definitely be cold at this time of year so it’s essential that you layer up. We also suggest taking a cosy changing robe for afterwards and your favourite hot drink in an insulated bottle for some added warmth!

Strangford Lough

Boasting calm and flat waters, Strangford Lough is a lake situated near the coast of Northern Ireland. It is well known for being an ideal location for learning to paddle board, mostly thanks to its calmer waters. The route around Mahee Island is of particular note, with the various exploration opportunities available around Mahee Castle. What makes this location in particular not as one of the best places to paddle board in winter is the wildlife, as the area becomes populated by all kinds of migratory birds during this period, including arctic ducks and swans.

Paddington Basin

If you’re a fan SUP in a city environment, this is the winter paddle boarding spot for you. Situated near Paddington Station in London, Paddington Basin makes for a fantastic SUP spot. There’s miles of canals for you to explore with flat, calm water - perfect for trying to capture the tranquil winter SUP experience. And the fact that it’s located in London rather than on the coast means that you'll be able to dodge the cold sea winds that appear this time of year.

So that’s our list of the UK’s best spots for a winter paddle boarding trip this year. There’s plenty of incredible locations for you to visit even in the colder months of the year, so if you’re after the most tranquil SUP experience ever, then this list should prove helpful to you. If you need any SUP-related assistance, you can get in contact with the expert team at RED for help.