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An Adventure On Two Wheels And An Inflatable SUP

Posted by Lydia Burdett

Words by Sabrina Nimmrichter @sabrinanimmrichter

All image credits to Sabrina Nimmrichter.

There are moments in life when everything falls into perfect harmony. When the sun rises on the horizon, a gentle breeze kisses your skin, and the world unfolds as if it were made just for you. Such a moment greeted me as I set out on my Brompton folding bicycle with my Red Paddle Co inflatable paddleboard on my back on the way to the lake.

The alarm clock rang early, and excitement propelled me out of bed. My Red Paddle Co 12'0" Compact MSL Pact was already packed by the door. My Brompton was standing ready, a loyal companion on all my adventures. Its incomparable folding system had convinced me in the past of its incredible portability, and today it would accompany me once again, firstly on a train ride then across the lake on my new SUP. With a wide grin, I swung onto the saddle with my Compact Backpack on my back, ready for the adventure to begin.

The train swiftly carried me to the lake. The SUP was easy to stow, and the Brompton folded effortlessly, fitting perfectly into the luggage compartment. No cumbersome assemblies, no stress - just seamless mobility. During the journey, I could barely contain my excitement. Soon I would experience nature in all its glory, thanks to and accompanied by my exhilarating Red paddleboard and my trusted bike.

Upon arriving at the lake, I found the perfect spot to launch. The Brompton was ready to ride in seconds, and the Compact paddleboard patiently awaited its inaugural voyage. I strapped it securely to my back and made my way to the shore. The sun danced on the water's surface, and I could practically smell the adventure in the air.

Within moments the inflatable paddleboard was pumped up and ready to go, and with the SUP on the water and the Brompton by my side, I immersed myself fully in nature. The lake's crystal-clear waters and the majestic trees along the shoreline transported me to another world. I paddled across the lake, discovered hidden coves, and relished in the silence interrupted only by the sounds of nature.

It was remarkable how seamlessly the 12'0" Compact and the Brompton folding bike complemented one another. Both products were convenient, easy to transport, and of outstanding quality. The Brompton effortlessly took me to the lake, while the SUP granted me freedom on the water. The two were a perfect match, opening up the first of many extraordinary adventures for me.

Hours passed in total harmony with nature, and as I returned home at the end of the day, tired but fulfilled, I couldn't stop thinking about the incredible experience that my Red Paddle Co paddleboard and Brompton folding bike had afforded me. They had pulled me out of my comfort zone and revealed the beauty of nature and the freedom that lies right outside of our front door. This adventure was a wake-up call, encouraging me to try new things more often and embrace the world with open arms.

Sometimes, we simply need to let go, step out of our comfort zones, and embrace adventure. Red's 12'0" Compact paddleboard and the Brompton folding bike are more than just products - they are gateways to a world full of freedom and discovery. I hope these words inspire you to explore the world out there and savour life to the fullest.

May your own adventure of freedom begin soon.

Words by Sabrina Nimmrichter @sabrinanimmrichter

All image credits to Sabrina Nimmrichter.