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8 Family Staycation Essentials From Red Original

Posted by Lydia Burdett

With summer in full swing, it’s the season for booking yourself onto an awesome family staycation. Staycations are a fantastic way to enjoy a well-earned break without having to faff about with flights or ferries, but what kit should you be bringing with you? In this blog, we’ll highlight our top eight picks for the essential items that you need from Red Original.

Pro Change Robe EVO

If you’ve got plans that include the water on your family staycation, then the Pro Change Robe EVO is a must-have bit of kit. It features an 8k waterproof and 3k breathable membrane with a DWR coating for top-quality waterproofing, while the 300gsm Sherpa fleece lining provides incredible comfort and insulation after a full day of swimming or paddleboarding. If you’re changing outdoors, the Pro Change Robe EVO is a real family staycation essential - no fussing around finding covered areas or space to change, just pop it on and dry off!

Kids Waterproof Changing Robe

If you’ve got kids coming along, then your list of family staycation essentials has got to include a Kids Waterproof Changing Robe. You can choose from either the kids’ model of the Pro Change EVO or our kids’ Dry Ponchos. Both also feature 8k waterproof/3k breathable waterproofing and Sherpa fleece lining too, giving them top performance when it comes to keeping the kids warm and protected from the elements.

All-Round Inflatable Paddle Board

All good trips away with the family include a bit of stand-up paddle boarding! The beauty of an inflatable paddle board is that there is so much you can do with it to keep the kids entertained, including all sorts of fun games and excursions. If you’re kitting yourself out before the trip, an All-Round Inflatable Paddle Board from Red is the perfect choice for paddlers of all experience levels, offering a smooth, steady ride and fantastic durability.

Multi-Person Paddle Board

You could also get the whole family involved at once with a Multi-Person Paddle Board! If you’re looking for a fun activity that involves everyone for your family staycation, then multi-person paddle boarding might just be the pick for you. Our Voyager Tandem model is perfectly sized for two, while our Ride XL can comfortably fit up to eight!

Adventure Waterproof Backpack

We’ve picked the Adventure Waterproof Backpack as one of our family staycation essentials because it comes stacked with awesome features to help you out during all sorts of amazing outdoor activities. Various helpful components such as the MOLLE Webbing, bungee cords and water bottle pockets provide optimal storage options if you’re heading out for the whole day and need to stow snacks, extra clothing and accessories, while the CYCLEPET fabric and welded seams make the backpack both extremely durable and waterproof.

Waterproof Cool Bag

A Waterproof Cool Bag from Red is your one-stop solution to your food and drink transportation needs for your trip. Manufactured from CYCLEPET fabric -  which is made out of recycled plastic bottles - the bag is super durable and resistant to wear and tear, while also boasting an impressive level of waterproofing. Simply pack up your favourite snacks and enjoy a relaxed day trip when you fancy a bit of a pause from more adrenaline-fuelled activities. 

Insulated Water Bottle

It’s well worth bringing along an Insulated Water Bottle to any of your outdoor excursions on your family staycation. Our bottles are made from premium 316L stainless steel, making them both anti-rust and anti-corrosion. They’re a great choice for anybody who wants a bottle that’ll hold against the elements for years to come.

Microfibre Towel

A Red Original Microfibre Towel is one of our top family staycation essentials for anybody who will be engaging in water-based activities. Able to hold up to four times its weight in water and with a much faster drying time than a conventional towel, you won’t need to worry about lugging heavy and damp towels around for the entire duration of your trip. 

If you have any queries about any of the amazing staycation essentials that you can purchase from Red Original, or need any other advice about our products, don't hesitate to get in contact with us. The team is always on hand and available to provide clear and helpful advice to help you maximise your upcoming trip!