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Four Fun Games to Play on Paddle Boards

Posted by Alex Clasper

Floating on a paddle board in epic surroundings is an adventurous activity in itself, but what if you could make the SUP experience even more exciting by playing a paddle board game? Not only do paddle board games improve your overall balance and SUP technique, but they can also help to keep the kids in tow entertained and offer great ways to socialise in the great outdoors. 

Imagination is your best friend when it comes to getting competitive on the water, but if you’re not sure where to start then we have come up with some great paddle board games for you to try out. 


First up on our list of games to play on paddle boards is a good old-fashioned game of tag. The rules of SUP tag are what you’d expect; one person is designated as ‘it’ and the objective of the game is to chase the other players and capture them. This paddle board game requires a lot of speed and agility as the opposition has to stay balanced and steady to quickly evade capture. There’s a high chance that at least one player might make a splash during a game of SUP tag, but we can guarantee that paddleboarders of all abilities will have loads of fun playing this.  

SUP Jousting

Next up on our list of games to play on paddle boards is SUP jousting, an exhilarating and action-packed activity which merges manoeuvrability and balancing skills into a game where two performers will start facing each other. Each player must take turns and paddle towards their rival, attempting to knock them off their board. If you are going to try this, make sure you are prepared to fall into the water and play it somewhere where the depth and current are safe enough to do so. And remember, the last standing jouster wins!

SUP Racing

Another fantastic paddle board game is SUP racing, which is always a perfect activity to get children involved with in flat or still waters. If you fancy setting up a race, first establish a starting point. Next, invite the group to line up and use their speed and strength to quickly paddle to an agreed finish line. For advanced paddle boarders that desire a more action-packed experience, obstacles and checkpoints can be put in place to test flexibility and agility. If you’re really serious about SUP racing, make sure you invest in a racing paddleboard designed especially for maintaining some serious speed. 

SUP Polo

You might also fancy trying out a ball game on your paddle board, like SUP polo. This paddle board game combines aspects of both lacrosse and water polo with paddleboarding to create a competitive and interactive experience. To prepare, two teams are divided up, boundaries are set, and goals are placed. High levels of manoeuvrability are required to focus on the location of the ball as well as paddling, making this game one of the most challenging but exciting paddleboarding games. Why play sports on solid ground when you can play on a far more challenging court on a lake or in the sea?

Keen to make a splash and try out one of these paddle board games? Make sure you’ve got a great paddleboard to get started with. If you have any questions or need any assistance, get in contact with the fantastic team at RED for advice from the pros.