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8 Activities To Add To Your Summer SUP Bucket List

Posted by Luke Green

With summer in full swing, it’s time to pack your paddleboarding gear and get out in the sun! To get you inspired for an incredible experience in the top season for paddleboarding, we’ve prepared a list of 8 awesome summer SUP activities that you have to give a try this year.

Sunrise Paddle 

Heading up the list of our top 8 summer SUP activities is a tranquil sunrise paddle. Watching the sunrise as you glide along calm waters has got to be one of the most serene experiences that you can get on a paddleboard, and it makes for a great way to start your day in complete peace and immerse yourself in the natural world.

Summer SUP Yoga

This one’s a favourite activity for many paddling pros. SUP Yoga is an incredible combination of the awesome benefits of both activities. While practising yoga on a more unstable surface may sound counterintuitive at first, in practice it’s a great way to increase the challenge and make the whole experience more rewarding, while also providing a beautiful material environment.

Wildlife Spotting

In the right spots, paddleboarding in summer makes for the perfect chance to thoroughly explore the natural world with some wildlife spotting. Thanks to the fact that you’re able to be extremely slow and quiet on a paddleboard, your chances of encountering interesting species are quite high!

SUP Games

There are all kinds of exciting games that you can play using a paddleboard, and they make for awesome summer SUP activities for a group of paddlers. Some of our favourites include SUP jousting, where you put your speed, manoeuvrability and balance to the test in a bid to be the last one standing, or showing off your agility in an exhilarating game of SUP tag.

Summer SUP Racing

You could also add some competition to your summer SUP experience with a bout of SUP racing. Get together with friends and family, or even enter an event with other paddlers in your local area for an exhilarating paddleboarding experience that’ll put your speed and endurance to the test. Make sure to check our blog about the essential paddleboard accessories that you need for SUP racing this year.

Picnic Paddle

There’s nothing better to follow up a great summer SUP session with than some equally great food. Why not bring your own and have yourself a fantastic picnic/paddleboarding combo? Find yourself a secluded spot, some friends or family and a top-quality waterproof cool bag get out there for a summer picnic paddle!

Ocean Paddling

It may require a bit more preparation than a conventional paddle, but paddleboarding in the ocean can be an exhilarating experience. The scenery is hard to beat, and the conditions make it a great challenge for experienced SUP enthusiasts. Remember to check the weather and tidal conditions beforehand, and ensure that you’re following proper safety precautions. Our touring boards, such as the 11'0" Sport MSL Inflatable Paddle Board, are ideal for gliding through choppy ocean waters for a smoother ride.

Multi-Day Summer SUP Camping

Why not combine two amazing summer activities into one by heading out on a multi-day hybrid camping and paddleboarding adventure? Pack up all of your gear into your waterproof kit bag or SUP deck bag and explore brand new and exciting SUP spots that you’ve never visited before while also taking the chance to immerse yourself in nature over multiple days. 

We hope you’re as excited for your SUP summer activities as we are! The Red team is always ready and available to give you assistance if you seek any additional advice about your summer paddling adventures. You can always get in touch with us here, and we’ll be happy to pass on our tips and recommendations.