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Win a Cooler Backpack and a Summer's Supply of Ice Cream

Posted by Luke Green

To celebrate national ice cream month we have teamed up with the awesome team at NORTHERN BL°C to offer one lucky person a mammoth Summer’s supply of NORTHERN BL°C vegan ice cream, PLUS a brand new Red Original Cooler Backpack in your choice of grey or mustard worth £134.95!

NORTHERN BL°C  make great ice cream, made with only the best, natural and responsibly sources ingredients. They believe it’s meant to be indulgent; enjoyed at any time, by anybody.

They are, and always will be, all about flavour. That means if it doesn’t taste absolutely amazing, it won’t go in their pots. And they’re not just trying to be quirky or cool. The sometimes-weird sounding flavours (hello Hazelnut and Tonka bean) are for a reason – because they taste amazing!

Their chef and chief creative Manolo Imperatori is a fourth generation ice cream maker. Yes, That’s right. FOURTH generation. He is an ice cream master. And he’s passionate about perfection. Manolo has his own purpose-built lab in an old mill in the north of England where he’s creating amazing new and flavours, techniques and experiences.

Northern Bloc are also the first UK Ice Cream supplier to use fully biodegradable packaging in their 500ml tubs! That gets our vote!

Brand New Red Original Waterproof, Insulated Cooler Backpack 

Makes doing what you love easier, lighter, and more enjoyable. Whether you’re planning a family BBQ, surfing with friends, or hiking solo, take food and refreshments with you with no worries.

Completely watertight, airtight and leakproof, means cold (including ice cream of course!) or hot foods will last longer no matter the weather or location. The internal size of the Insulated Cooler Backpack (available in Mustard or Grey) also provides space to fit standard mid-size Tupperware so there is no need to stack them sideways. Offering plenty of storage options inside and out, you can bring valuables, food, drink, spare clothing or any other items on your back keeping your hands free.

To enter simply visit the competition page on the NORTHERN BL°C website. Competition only open to entrants from the UK.  Competition closes on the 31st July 2021.