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Welcome to Red Original

Posted by Luke Green

We are delighted to announce the launch of Red Original, a unique range of premium lifestyle products for the watersports market with paddle boarding at it's heart. The range is aimed at enhancing your experience before, during and after getting on the water.

A collection of premium water sports clothing and accessories designed for all your needs

Red Original has been born from Red Paddle Co (the World's most popular inflatable SUP brand) which is renowned for products that are loaded with cutting-edge innovation and attention to the smallest detail. The new Red Original brand, featuring a range of accessories and clothing, is no exception, with performance, style and user – centric design at the forefront of our new collection.

Products include a waterproof cooler bag, which provides a host of unique features and can be attached directly onto most paddle board cargo systems. The range also boasts an insulated water bottle, uniquely made from marine grade stainless steel and a luxury changing robe which will keep you warm and your modesty in tact whilst getting changed, as there aren’t always dressing rooms when on an adventure! Check out a great video of some of the products in action:

The Red Original range isn’t just about what you carry and use on your favourite activities, it’s also about what you wear. The collection will soon include performance clothing to keep you dry, protected and bursting with stylish confidence when you’re out doing what you love the most! All are perfect for paddling, but also compliment any active lifestyle.

John Hibbard, co-founder explains: “Over the past 10 years we’ve grown a global brand that is built on designing quality products that exceed expectation, all backed up by exceptional customer service.”

“However, whilst we had the paddle boards, we were frustrated that well thought out products designed with our sport and active lifestyle in mind were still missing. So, we set out on a mission to design our own premium range, featuring all the elements we personally wanted, utilising the expertise we have built up over the past 10 years.”

“Red Original signifies that these are signature products for us, we decided to focus on doing a few things really well, so when someone tries them for the first time, they really get the value of it. We’ve tried to take a no compromise approach to materials and construction, so the quality that our loyal followers know and have come to expect, is a given.”

To celebrate the new brand and product launch, we are offering one lucky winner the opportunity to win the full range of products as well as a Red Paddle Co Sport board of your choice (including paddle and leash) so you can go out and create your own #OriginalAdventure. To enter just head to the competition page