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Pro Change Jacket in the Making

Posted by Ross Montadon

Why we made a Change Jacket?

Our Pro Change Jacket took over 12 months to design. Bringing together a quality item to keep you dry and warm. When we set out to design the Pro Change Jacket we wanted a jacket that was versatile to the elements. It needed to handle any outdoors day! So we thought we’d share with you some of the key features of the Pro-Change Jacket which make it the ultimate changing jacket!

‘We love wild swimming. Love it. Being greeted by the Red Original Jacket was a relief. It’s a post-swim hug that keeps you warm, dry and of course, able to change with dignity.’

Outdoors Radar

The Red Original Pro Change Jacket

With so many of us opting outdoors in all seasons we require equipment which can allow us to play year-round. After some research with other available changing jackets and dry robes. We found that most changing jackets were bulky, heavy and didn’t really have that nice snug feeling. The lining was scratchy and plasticy, they a lacked that element of comfort which you look forward to when warming up. That welcomed warm hug of warmth after a day swimming, surfing or even dog walking.

Man putting phone inside Pro Change Jacket

Our design team is comprised of paddle boarders, surfers, dog walkers and mountain bikers. So these guys know what they need after a day battling in the elements. The key ingredient for the success of this jacket was the quality in the fabric and design, we are all too familiar with scratchy fleece lining and heavy nylon shells which add weight and lose their waterproof function over time.

Concealed front Zip fleece guard

We found with other jackets a lot of the cool air from heavy winds rip right through the zip with no fold or baffle to insulate against those roaring winds. It was important that we could wear the jacket as an outdoor jacket to keep us warm whilst we waited for our little ones to catch one more wave. Or whilst hanging around after a game of rugby. We introduced a concealed front zip fleece guard which keeps the wind from ripping through the front of the jacket.

Manu the all-season paddle boarder

I go paddling a lot outside of the season. In winter and autumn, I have always had the problem that I cool off during breaks quickly. I do not have the problem with this jacket anymore. Now I just put the jacket in the Deck bag.’

Manu sitting in hammock wearing Red Original Pro-Change Jacket


The Pro Change Jacket isn’t just about having something to change under we wanted a jacket that you could happily spend a few hours in. Perhaps to hang out in between sessions at the beach or just something to throw on whilst you stop for lunch. The triple layer construction ensures maximum insulation whilst still being light and compact for transportation. It even fits perfectly into our Deck bag.

Waterproof Zip Pro Change Jacket


Our jacket needed to battle the odds as efficiently as it’s wearer. The Pro Change Jacket just had to be waterproof so you can stay warm and dry in a downpour. The fixed hood means users can wrap up and bunk down when the wind and rain pick up. It was also key that we could keep our valuables dry. It seemed that other dry robes and changing jackets didn't include an accessible pocket for your valuables. So we added a specific waterproof pocket for your phone and car keys. Leaving the fleece lined hand warming pockets to keep you warm without worrying about your valuables falling out on the beach.

Dry Layer Graphic

User-Friendly Features

We wanted to have a jacket that was quick and easy to throw on. We added chunky poppers and easy hold zip pulls. For when your hands are cold. We also wanted to make the jacket easy to move around in. With a lot of outdoor gear such as wetsuits and lifejackets it was essential that you could easily changed whilst preserving ones modesty.

Designed for any sport

The Pro Change Jacket is ideal for any sport whether it’s a day at the beach or in between substitutions during a rugby game. The lightweight but durable jacket means you can take it with you on any adventure.

Women's Pro Change Jacket

‘It's so cosy but light at the same time, easy to transport and folds up nice and small too. It also stood out a mile amongst the many DryRobes.’

Becky the triathlete

The Ultimate Changing Jacket

The Pro Change Jacket was created for the Outdoor enthusiast who wanted a high-quality user-friendly jacket. That allowed them to stay warm and dry for lengthy periods, whilst being flexible enough to easily get changed in.

Take a look at both the Mens and Women's Pro Change Jacket.