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Mother's Day Gift Guide For Outdoor Mums

Posted by Catherine Morris

Find a gift for your Outdoors Mum

We know how it is, Mother’s day is looming and you’ve exhausted every Mum gift out there. She loved the hand cream you got her a few years ago and the bath bombs didn’t exactly go down that well as your mum in her eagerness, dropped the whole pack to erupt in a fizzy, lavender scented froth. You have to get her something, it’s your Mother after all. She’s there for you year-round, she's always available to rustle up a packed lunch or help out, you owe her something at least? Luckily we're giving you a FREE Red Original isulated steel water bottle on all our Mother's Day Gift Guide items just add Mothersday19 at the check out.

Women's Performance Tee

For the Yoga Mum - Performance T Shirt

Perhaps you’ve grown up and fled the nest, or you only nip in occasionally from time to time to catch up. More often than not, now your dear Mum doesn’t have to look after you as much she has more time on her hands. It happens to every Mum when their offspring leaves home, an opportunity to try new hobbies, sports and activities becomes the day to day business. The Yoga Mum would perhaps benefit from the Performance T-shirt, it’s lightweight dries quickly and fits comfortably for the active Mum. The odour less fibres on the dri release fabric means it can be worn and used for longer without smelling. It's quick dry fabric dries 4 times faster than cotton, making it a firm favourite for anyone on the go. Perfect for your Mum's coffee morning after Yoga.

Women's Pro Change Jacket

For the Multisport Mum - Pro Change Robe

The multisport Mum is off out on the go, either on the bike to the beach or planning an adventure. The multisport Mum has a car full of snacks and knows the weather forecast well ahead of schedule to optimise her time outdoors. She’s hardy and loves the outdoors but what to get her? The Pro Change Robe is one bit of kit she’s missing from her Outdoor heavy arsenal. As any outdoor enthusiast knows getting changed outdoors is a sport of its own. The waterproof outer shell keeps the rain out and the fur liner is lovely and warm, perfect for those wet and wild days at the beach. The fur wicking inner liner insulates and draws moisture away from the body. The large hood and fleece lined hand pockets makes it perfect for her to bunk down and snuggle warm. If you're after bonus points the Pro Change Robe can neatly fit inside the New 10ltr Roll Top Dry bag!

Long Sleeve Performance top

For the Mum who is always a little cold - Performance Top Layer

If you’ve got a mum who is always a little chilly, whether it’s on the way to work. Around the house or out in the garden. The Long Sleeve Performance Top layer could be a much-appreciated gift. This long sleeve mid layer top is a handy throw on top for warming up. The lengthy back covers cold spots on the lower back and the front zip and thumb loops allow your Mum to wrap up warm. Similarly to the Performance T-shirt the Long Sleeve Top Layer is created from dri release fabric, drying 4 times quicker than cotton.

Watertight Cool bag

For the Mum who always has the lunch - Watertight Cool Bag

Mum’s make a mean lunch. They are famous for it, a Mums packed lunch outdoors provide some of the best memories. This gift idea has the added bonus that you will most likely benefit from. The tactical gift of our Watertight Cool bag is well worth considering. This go-anywhere coolbag can handle most things, and it will 100% keep your Mum’s mega lunches safe and dry whilst out and about. Our Cool Bag is fully water, dust and dirt-proof. All sealed with a YKK Aquaseal zip. We’re a firm believer that nothing should infiltrate our lunch!

Add a FREE Water Bottle at the checkout

To celebrate all the super Mums out there. We’re giving away a FREE Red Original Stainless Steel Water Bottle on all our gift guide items. Just add both items to your basket then add the code MOTHERSDAY19 at the checkout. And to all the awesome Mum's out there, thank you and have a great day!