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Dragon World Championships: Barbados Day One

Posted by Jess Davies

Marking the start of the first ever dedicated team SUP Dragon World Championships, the 28th October 2017 will forever remain a momentous occasion in paddle board history.

The Dragon World Championships is set to be an event like no other. Teams have qualified by racing on the world’s first 22ft inflatable race board – ‘The Red Dragon’. The board, which allows four paddlers to benefit from the power of eight arms, is completely inflatable and derives its stiffness from MSL Fusion technology which is exclusive to Red Paddle Co. Despite the Red Dragon’s size when inflated, it simply rolls up into a bag that is small enough to be checked onto a plane meaning the World Championships can be hosted pretty much anywhere there’s water!

Hosted in the turquoise waters of Carlisle bay, Barbados, teams congregated from all over the world to register ahead of the first day of racing on Sunday 29th November. Each team, comprising of four, represents almost every level of the paddle boarding spectrum. From experienced teams who have spent the season racing and competing, to those making their first racing debut, all the teams are a mix of genders and ages brought together by a passion which unites them all.

No matter what their experience, the teams made the most of the open session and took eagerly to the water to accustom themselves to their beautiful new surroundings, new conditions and in some cases new team mates! It was a chance for the teams to put themselves through their paces and familiarise themselves with the World Championship course floating menacingly offshore.

The atmosphere was an intoxicating mix of anticipation, elation and expectation as participants and spectators alike soaked up the sun as the sounds of the steel pan drifted across the Paddle Barbados event site and the calm watery battle ground beyond.

As the sun started to sink lower in the sky, a congregation of paddlers took to the water enticing any remaining participants and onlookers to celebrate the opening of the inaugural Championships. It was a moment for all to soak in their surroundings and let the pressures of the racing to come to wash away. As the sky turned sumptuous shades of pink and orange, paddlers were welcomed back to the shore with a Daffy’s Gin and Tonic and treated to an exclusive premiere of Red Paddle Co’s latest video, ‘It’s Time’. The video, which showcases our new collection of industry leading inflatable paddle boards, is due for general release on November 5th 2017.

The stage is set, the competitors are ready, meaning only one thing… It’s time