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Red Original's DIY Go-Bag List For Outdoor Adventurers

Posted by Ross Montandon

For most of us our opportunity for a quick adventure comes last minute. It begins with a weather check or perhaps a friend gives you that window you’ve been waiting for and a welcomed nudge. The chance to pick up, pack up and go at a moments notice is the trick to ensuring you get that outdoor time in the bank!

Introducing the Go-Bag

To minimise the ‘where did I put my headtorch!’ saga and the frantic hunt for last-minute essentials. We thought we’d share with you the go bag to ensure adventures are always at your fingertips. For the organised readers, you’ve probably already adopted this habit however it never hurts to re-organise and reshuffle your outdoor essentials.

The go-bag is a collection of your outdoor essentials, clothing, accessories and even snacks. The go-bag can be as broad or as selective as its user. Ideally, you would have a go-bag ready for each sport tucked away by your front door in the back of your car. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, camper or paddleboarder your go bag is your on-the-go outdoor garage space; portable, ready and convenient. To get the ball rolling we’ve put together some of our go-bags to help you build your own.

Find the right Go-Bag

Before we start, we need to find the right storage bag for your go-bag. Too small and there’s no room for bulky items, too big and it simply gets in the way. We opted for the 30-litre Roll Top Drybag. Or if you’re looking for something a little more transient the Waterproof 30 Litre backpack could be the way to go. 

The Runners Go-Bag

Light-footed and spritely on their feet the runners go bag is fast and light. Each season it may get a re-shuffle during the winter months your performance top layer and active jacket will be getting plenty of use. During the summer months, your performance t-shirt and runners cap will certainly want to be part of the gang

- Running trainers - You would literally be lost without them!

- Insulated Drinks Bottle

- Performance t-shirt or top layer

- Active Jacket both wind and rainproof for high-end exercise

- Head torch and high visibility wear

- Hat and gloves

- Shorts or leggings

The Paddle Boarders Go-Bag

Season depending this go-bag can vary between simply a performance t-shirt and an air belt. To the full winter works so as ever adaptability is king. When it comes to creating your SUP go-bag. You may need to upgrade to a 60 litre Roll Top Dry Bag for the extra wriggle room!

- Air Belt PFD

- Footwear for off or on the board

- Shorts or Dry Trousers

- Performance Top layer

- Active Jacket or paddling top

- Suncream

- Paddle cap

- Insulated Drinks Bottle

- Waterproof Pouch for your keys

The Cyclists Go-Bag

From the commuter to the weekend adventurer the cyclists go bag can be extensive just like paddle boarding comes with a real mix of gear and equipment. Like many adventure sports, having your bag ready for the seasons is part of being organised and minimises faff while increasing fun!

- Active Jacket

- Bike lights and reflectors

- Performance top layer

- Bike gloves

- Backpack or snack bag for your ride

- Padded bike shorts

- Snacks ( of course)

- Helmet

- Bike Shoes

- Repair kit

Hikers Go-Bag

Whether you enjoy an afternoon stroll or a trudge in the rain and mud. Hiking covers all terrains and environments and having those just in case items in your bag can make or break your day out in the hills.

- Waterproof clothing

- Backpack

- Walking boots

- Map

- Snacks

- Spare clothing

Camping Go bag

A quick glance at the forecast on a Friday night and you know you’re in for a treat for a night on under the stars. Whether you’re flying solo or it’s a call to arms to the WhatsApp group. It’s time to load up and enjoy a mini-adventure.


- Stove

- Food

- Head torch (check it’s working)

- Backpack

- Water bladder or camelback

- Down Jacket and Evening clothing

Cold Water Swimming

The increasingly and quite possibly balmy sport of cold-water swimming has taken off in recent years. The popularity and simplicity of taking a fresh dip are perhaps its biggest attractions. Yet even with minimal kit, there are still a few essentials worth having in your go-bag.

- Wetsuit

- Swim float

- Swimming goggles

- Footwear for both in and off the water.

- Changing Robe

- Insulated Drinks bottle

Show us your Go-Bag

I am sure we all have a go-bag in such form, in the back of the car or in the garage. Perhaps you have several for different activities and different seasons. If you’ve got anything essential to add to your go-bag we want to know! Share your photos and stories at redoriginalaccessories