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5 Ways Paddle Boarding Can Help Develop Your Mindfulness

Posted by Alex Clasper

The activity of stand up paddle boarding (SUPing) has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and it’s not hard to see why - with its plethora of physical benefits, as well as simply being a fun way to get out and get active with friends and family. But, do you know the ways in which SUPing can also improve your mindfulness? 

If you’re interested in steps you can take to better your mental health, taking up paddle boarding can be a great push towards boosting your mental wellness for a variety of reasons! Here’s how SUPing can help:

A Change of Scenery

Feeling stuck inside? An unchanging environment can make life feel monotonous, and awfully draining to your mentality and outlook on life. Paddle boarding provides the perfect opportunity to get out and experience nature and develop your mindfulness, getting yourself out there to a river, lake, canal or the sea and experience a whole new set of beautiful scenery. The activity allows you to connect with your natural environment, breathe in the fresh air and really let go, far from roads, towns and screens - the perfect opportunity to step away for optimal meditation.

Getting the Body Moving

It’s a well known fact that exercise releases those “feel good” chemicals in the brain, giving you high level of satisfaction that will stick with you and push you to feel that little bit extra motivated, confident, and all around happier. Although, it can be extremely difficult to push ourselves to exercise with the scary image of intense cardio looming in our minds. This is what makes paddle boarding so appealing. As a fun, low-intensity exercise, SUPing allows for a great way to burn calories and obtain that high level of self-satisfaction without that nagging fear of going to the gym. Studies have even shown that people who take up paddle boarding report a better quality of life, both physically and psychologically!

Relaxation at its Highest

Paddle boarding is already a low-impact activity, allowing you to set your own challenges away from any pressures you may find in a gym. However, it’s possible to take your relaxation a step further. In our article on paddle boarding popularity, we’ve explored how you can practise your yoga stretches out on the water by using your board as a floatable yoga mat. This is an accessible exercise regardless of your level of SUPing expertise, and the combination of calm tranquil waters and stress-releasing exercise, the activity is certain to take your meditation skills to the next level.

Drop the Limitations

Adopting mindfulness is arguably most important throughout the winter months of the year, when the days feel the bleakest. The phrase ‘January Blues’ exists for a reason, you know? This is why it’s amazing that paddle boarding isn’t just limited to being a summer activity! With the right knowledge and practice behind you, taking the board out on a cool, crisp winter day can be the perfect way to connect with your natural environment and unlock a more positive mindset during the time of the year when motivation is hardest. There are so many wellness benefits to SUPing in winter to explore, making paddle boarding an accessible mindfulness activity all year round.

The More the Merrier

If you feel like solo time by yourself on the water may best suit your personal path to mindfulness, that’s great! However, paddle boarding doesn’t have to be a solo activity. If you feel that you’re on the more extroverted side, you can bring friends, family members, or a partner onto the water with you to make the most out of SUPing as a social event. There are plenty of opportunities to paddle side by side with friends, or you could even consider taking on the water on a multi-person paddle board. Explore the outdoors together with your favourite person, or make it a party with up to eight people. This creates a perfect opportunity to connect with your friends as you connect with nature, and create long-lasting memories - a two in one hit to improving your mindfulness!