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Which Red Original Change Robe Is Right For You

Posted by Luke Green

In need of a changing robe but can't chose between a poncho or an EVO Changing Robe? Towelling material or quick dry fabric? We're here to take you through our changing range to show you the key differences to help you find the perfect robe for you.

Quick Dry Change Robe

This is a poncho style change robe that is quick to pop on by slipping over you head. It features an athletic Raglan Sleeve cut so it's more flattering look whilst being worn. Deep hand pockets keep your valuables (or pants) safe and hands warm, whilst the pull cord hood allows you to dry your hair and stay protected if the wind picks up. The microfibre material means the robe will dry quickly between uses and is super absorbant holding up to 4 times it's weight in water. This makes the Quick Dry Change Robe really versatile for camping, trips abroad or if you are going to need it at multiple times across the day to get yourself dry. It also comes with it's own stash bag to compact it down which can also be used for storing valuables when not being used. 

The perfect quick and light solution when space is at a premium. 

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Luxury Towelling Change Robe

This is the other poncho style change robe in our range with the same fit and style as the Quick Dry Change Robe with the key differnce being made from a different fabric. The 430gsm towelling material offers a really luxurious warm feel about it to help you get  dry and warm. This is the main difference between the luxury Towelling Robes and the Quick Dry robes. Really suitable for slightly cooler beach days or a great solution for something to throw on after you get out of the hot tub or swimming pool. 

If you are looking for something snuggly and warming that's easy to use then the luxury towelling robe is the best option of the poncho styles. If you want something that is light and portable then the quick dry is the better option. 

Perfect for getting dry and warm post swim or hot tub session. 

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Pro Change EVO Robe 

This is our All Weather changing robe designed for any environment. The outer fabric is a waterproof and breathable material keeping you dry but will help wick the moisture away when you are wet. This means you can use the robe in all conditions. The lining of the robe is a really soft fluffy fur style lining (not real) which feels fantastic when being worn making you feel like you are being hugged by a bear. Ideal for use all year round be that cold water swimming in the middle of winter to chilling out round the camp fire in summer. Similarly though the waterproof element means it's just as suitable for touch line sports, walking the dog or on lunch time patrol in the playgorund. 

It's absoultely packed full of features, for full details check out our EVO page.

The Ultimate All Weather Changing Solution

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