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The Towel Changing Robe – not just for the beach!

Posted by Catherine Morris

It goes without saying that the Red Original Luxury Towelling Robe is awesome for drying off and getting changed after a session on the water, whether you’ve been paddling, surfing or swimming, but there are many other ways you can get the most from this versatile accessory. In fact, there are so many ways to use it, it could become your most used piece of kit!

Outdoor Exercise

Into Military Fitness? Bootcamps? Rugby? Whatever you get up to, if you are doing your thing out and about, there is nothing like throwing on a warm fluffy towelling robe to either get you dry or get off your wet kit quickly. And what’s more, as nobody likes having to drive home in muddy soggy clothes, just wear your change robe and protect your car seats too!


A towel changing robe is the perfect companion for any camping trip. There’s no need to take a towel and a change of clothes to the shower block, the robe does both the jobs in one! Added to that, it’s perfect after a quick dip in the river, sea or campsite pool too. Not only can you use it to dry yourself but you can use it to change clothes and protect your modesty too. It really is the ideal campsite accessory.

Kids Swimming Lessons

If you take young children swimming, there’s no need to wait around for a changing room to become free, getting cold whilst your children get grumpy or toddle off. If you have a good change robe with plenty of coverage you can ignore the queue and get dressed anywhere, speeding up the whole process and making it a lot less stressful!

The Gym Changing Room

If you prefer to get changed with a bit of privacy after a gym session, a towel changing robe will do the job perfectly – great for teenagers or anyone not inclined to exhibitionism!

Staying Warm on the Beach

It’s easy to quickly get chilly on the beach when the sun goes in or the wind picks up, and so the thick, fluffy 430gsm cotton of the towelling robe is the perfect way to keep warm. This is especially true for younger members of the family - check out our kids luxury towelling change robe , the perfect item to throw on and snuggle into, helping them to warm up quickly.

Snuggling on the Sofa

Who says the towelling change robe has to be used away from home?! Or even just for changing or drying?! Thanks to its soft, thick fabric and generous size, the robe is also the perfect sofa companion on a cold winters night.