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Which Red Original Cool Bag Do I Need For Summer 2023?

Posted by Luke Green

We all understand the importance of being able to take your favourite drinks and snacks with you on your outdoor adventures. That’s why, whether it’s a chilled day at the beach, or an epic camping trip, a Red Original cool bag is a summer essential for 2023. However, not all cool bags are the same. In fact, at Red Paddle Co, we have 3 different styles of waterproof cooler bags to suit different activities and group sizes. These are our 15L coolbag backpack, and our 18L and 30L soft coolers. Put simply, there’s a Red Original cool bag for everyone. The real question is “which Red Original cool bag is right for me?”. Let’s answer this question by looking at the different properties of each.

18L Soft Cooler Bag

The next choice of Red Original cool bag is the 18L soft cooler. This soft cooler bag uses ThemalLock insulation to ensure that ice lasts for up to 72 hours. 18L in capacity, this is the perfect choice for group picnics, small families or short overnight stays. It’s also perfect for taking out on the water. Aside from being 100% waterproof with a YKK Aquaseal zip, the patented LTS system enables you to tie this cool bag securely to boats, paddle boards, kayaks or even the boot of your car. A reinforced base makes the cooler self-standing and ensures it stays balanced. The bag can be carried using the hand carry strap or padded shoulder strap. This soft cooler bag is less well suited for walking over longer distances, as it is heavier due to the larger capacity and does not feature backpack straps. For longer distances, the coolbag backpack is the more suitable option.

15L Coolbag Backpack

Perfect for picnics and day trips or if you have slightly further to walk, our 15L coolbag backpack is the smallest Red Original cool bag and the easiest to carry. The obvious benefit of this cooler is that it is a backpack. A padded back panel and airflow straps with an adjustable chest strap ensure your back and shoulders are supported when transporting refreshments. This is ideal for hiking trips, days at the beach where there is a bit of a trek from the car park, or if you only have a smaller group to feed. The 15L capacity provides plenty of room for food and drink, and is the perfect size for stacking tupperware, without needing to turn it sideways. There’s also two external water storage pockets on the side - these are perfect for carrying extra drinks in a reusable water bottle, including a bottle of wine! Super lightweight, this coolbag backpack is completely waterproof and leakproof to ensure no water can get inside or outside. 

30L Soft Cooler Bag

Planning lots of weekend getaways in summer 2023? The 30L Red Original soft cooler bag is the perfect choice for camping trips, festivals, weekend breaks, and picnics with large groups. Due to its increased size, when fully loaded it is heavier to carry, making it less suitable to carry over longer distances. That being said, padded shoulder straps, and woven carry straps make it comfortable to lift out of the car or onto watercraft and handles at eachend of the bag means you can share the load with a friend. This Red Original cool bag has the same LTS system as its 18L version, making it another great choice for water sports enthusiasts. The larger size is perfect if you’re heading out on  a multi-day paddle boarding trip, or  if you have a big group to feed. It can be relied upon to keep your food and drink cold for as long as 72 hours. Armour tech fabric ensures this soft cooler bag is incredibly durable in any outdoor conditions. It also benefits from the same BPA free lining that all other Red Original cool bags share. The 18L and 30L soft cooler bags share the same high performance features, and so deciding between the two ultimately depends on how much capacity you require.

So, to summarise, deciding on the right Red Original cool bag requires you to ask yourself the following questions:

What activities will I be doing in summer 2023?

For shorter day trips and travelling longer distances, the coolbag backpack is a practical and portable option. For water sports, larger groups and weekend getaways, the soft coolers are a more suitable option. The LTS system ensures these soft coolers are specifically designed to benefit watercraft users as well.

How many refreshments do I need?

How many people are you feeding/ how long is your trip? This is important to consider when deciding on the right size cooler. For longer trips or large groups, the 30L offers plenty of capacity for all of your favourite drinks and snacks. The 18L is also spacious, however slightly lighter and easier to transport than the 30L model when loaded. The most compact Red Original cool bag is of course the coolbag backpack.

For further guidance on choosing the best Red Original cool bag to suit your summer 2023 plans, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.