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The Technology behind our Technical Apparel

Posted by Catherine Morris

When developing our range of on-water clothing, we wanted cutting edge fabrics which work hard, but also look great whether you are relaxing at the beach or going for a run.

We’ve been disappointed with technical apparel in the past which might keep you dry in the gym, but often is not overly comfortable and starts to smell bad over time. Either that or the treated fabric washes out and so it loses it’s performance properties after a bit of use.

After researching the world’s leading fabric technologies, we decided to use drirelease in our Tee and Top Layer as it delivers the performance we were looking for. A high quality and reliable fabric technology, many of the world’s most respected brands utilise drirelease, such as Under Armour, Nike, The North Face & Rapha.

Here is a quick look behind how it works:

What does drirelease do?

Engineered for Performance

The brilliance of drirelease fabrics is the engineered combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibres.


Hydrophobic (water repelling) fibres are combined with natural, hydrophilic (water absorbing) fibres. The built-in combination efficiently pulls moisture and perspiration away from the skin and pushes it to the exterior of the fabric where it can evaporate quickly.

And because fabrics made with drirelease are not altered with chemicals of any kind, performance is permanent. It will not wash-out over time.

So if you are paddling hard you will barely notice you are wearing one of our tops – instead it will help regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool, dry and smelling fresh, whilst looking great too. You can wash it time and time again, and it will dry in no time, making it a must for SUP, running, yoga, hiking or cycling and just generally relaxing and staying comfortable, whatever the weather!