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A Red Ride Out: Challenges in the Outdoors
by Luke Green
Brand Community Outdoor Paddle Boarding Stories

A Red Ride Out: Challenges in the Outdoors

One of our mantras here at Red is to make the outdoors and paddle boarding as welcoming and accessible for as many people as possible. Yet, we realise the outdoors...

woman using a red original stash bag in green
by Alex Clasper

Introducing The New Red Original Stash Bag!

Pack up, compress & transport your changing robe or other large clothing items using the Red Original Stash Bag that's built for adventures. Find out more.

woman wearing knitted beanie in teal standing next to a caravan
by Luke Green

Stay Warm & Cosy With A Red Original Eco-Conscious Beanie!

Unrivalled in warmth, versatility & comfort, our stylish range of beanies are made using 100% recycled materials. Find your perfect beanie today.

woman doing a plank on her paddleboard
by Alex Clasper

Challenging SUP Exercise Routines For Active Paddle Boarders

Looking to improve your fitness for paddle boarding? If you're up for a challenge, make sure to check out the following SUP exercise routines.

woman storing paddle board in board bag on the deck of a boat
by Luke Green

7 Practical Tips For Paddle Board Storage

Paddle board storage is a crucial part of caring for your inflatable SUP. Get the most out of your paddle board by reading our top storage tips here.

man wading into the sea carrying a paddle board
by Alex Clasper

How To Launch A Paddle Board Expertly

Knowing how to launch a paddle board properly is key in becoming a SUP pro. It might look easy, but there is a knack to it. Find out here.

RED ADVENTURE SERIES | Luke Fletcher | Rewild
by Luke Green
Red Adventure Series Stories

RED ADVENTURE SERIES | Luke Fletcher | Rewild

We continued with our Adventure Series up to Poole to get set for some fitness action with Luke Fletcher, aka Commando Luke. A former Royal Marines Commando, who is motivating and restoring confidence to those who need it,...

two women paddle boarding alongside each other in the sea
by Alex Clasper

Red Paddle Co FAQ: Is Paddle Boarding Difficult To Learn?

Thinking about trying paddle boarding? If you're concerned that it may be too difficult, don't be! SUP is a fun sport for all. Here's how to get started.

man paddling on Whip MSL inflatable paddle board through the surf
by Luke Green

A Beginner’s Guide To Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing

Interested in stand up paddle board surfing? The following Red Paddle Co guide covers all the basics of SUP surfing from equipment to safety.